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Asahimas clear glass office partition 10mm

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11 Oct 2023
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1 Meter
Muncul Jaya Sakti is one of the trusted GLASS SUPPLIER and JAKARTA GLASS SHOP. We are ready to supply various types of glass such as: - Clear Glass (plain) - Panasap Tinted Glass - Glass Stopsol - Mirror Glass (mirror) - Decorative Mirrors (Decomirror) - Loe-E Sunergy Kaca Glass - Extra clear Diamond glass - Lacobel glass (interior color decoration glass) - Glastone glass (interior decoration glass) - Tempered Process - Laminated Process - Tempered Laminated Process - Insulated process Does the house look modern, clean, and light? Glass material is the answer. These advantages make glass a popular material used in modern homes. It can't be said to be modern, if a house has not applied glass material. Whether for windows, walls, partitions, or stair railings and balconies. The ideal thickness of glass that can be categorized as safe is between 12mm-15mm. The choice of the type of glass can not be arbitrary. The safest, use tempered glass (tempered glass). This type of glass is relatively safe, because apart from being stronger than ordinary glass, the shards will be in the form of relatively fine grains. In addition to the type of glass, the installation system must also be considered. There are two ways of installation, either by planting or using stainless steel fittings. The planting system must be carried out from the beginning of the construction of the house. While the fitting system with stainless steel can be done at any time. When you want to replace a wooden railing with glass, for example: In the use of a fitting system, the railing uses a stainless steel frame, then the glass is clamped so that it blends with the frame. In each clamp is given a rubber, so that the glass sticks more firmly. So it's not easy to move. One more thing, don't forget that every corner of the glass must be blunt, so as not to hurt people who touch it. If that's the case, there's no need to worry anymore. Your stair railing and balcony are secure.
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Jual Kaca Clear, Kaca Extra Clear, Kaca Reflektif, Kaca Tinted, Kaca Cermin, Patch Fitting, Floor Spring, Swing Door, Sliding Door
Kami menyediakan material kaca yang berkualitas dengan merek dagang ex ASAHI dan Mulia
Produk kaca yang kami tawarkan
- Clear Glass
- Tinted Glass
- Reflektive Glass
- Low E Glass
- Mirror
- Deco Mirror


Kami sebagai aplikator kaca (Specialist in glass work) memenuhi kebutuhan kaca beserta aluminium baik ekterior untuk facade maupun interior, spesifikasi pekerjaan yang dapat kami lakukan adalah sebagai berikut :
- Railing Tangga, Area Void dan Balkon
- Kanopi / Skylight
- Jendela Pintu Fremeless (Swing, Sliding dan Foldiing)
- Toilet Kubikal dan Shower
- Sistem Spider
- Kaca Dekoratif
- Curtain Wall
- Window Wall


Kaca Tempered
Keunggulan : Kekuatan kaca tempered 5x kaca biasa
Kaca Insulasi
Keunggulan : Mengurangi panas yang masuk dan mengontrol suhu dalam ruangan
Kaca Laminated
Keunggulan : Aman dan dapat mengurangi suara masuk kedalam ruangan
Kaca Bending
- Ketebalan  : 5mm - 12mm
- Ukuran Max : 2200mm x 4500mm
- Minimum Radius : 1000mm

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