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Kaca Laminated Tempered Asahi 5+5

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02 May 2023
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Specification of Kaca Laminated Tempered Asahi 5+5

Kaca Laminated ( Laminated Glass )

Kaca Laminated Tempered Asahi 5+5

Laminated glass is produced through the lamination process by attaching two pieces of common glass and use Polyvinyl butyral films (PVB). When the glass is broken, the pieces will remain attached to the film. Polyvinyl film used for laminated glass is a sheet of transparent film and free of discoloration, not expand and crack so it does not detract from the beauty and clarity of the glass itself.


1. Secure: If a collision solving the pieces of laminated glass will not hurt users.

2. Protect: The glass laminate offers greater protection for the people and

property than other glass products. Standard two-construction / layer provides resistance to penetration when under attack. Multi-layer glass and films Polyvinyl design can provide resistance to bullets, bombs and a strong attack.

3. Voice Control: Performance window film to make laminated glass is very effective in controlling the transmission of sound.

4. Control of solar energy: Polyvinyl colored fim can reduce the transmission of solar energy to provide coolness. Laminated glass also reduces the reflection of sunlight without color distortion of view, and with a selection of color film color, laminated glass provides' value added to the design.

5. Limit the ultra violet rays: The ability of the laminated glass durability ultra violet filter, greatly helping to protect domestic goods from the effects of discoloration caused by the influence of ultra-violet radiation.

1. For the partition door in the halls or private home where the strength and clarity of glass as well as security is needed.

2. For the windshield and glass windows of various types of vehicles.

3. For the bulletproof glass.

4. To counter and a place to store and display of goods or valuables.

5. With Polyvinyl colored film that will make laminated glass as a beautiful decoration for windows and partitions and still many other uses.

Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Panasap Glass, Reflective Glass, Sunergy Glass, Clear Glass

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